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Our History

One day, which turned out to be a life-changing event, our Senior Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong ( Cornerstone Community Church ) was driving across Serangoon Road in Singapore. As he drove, he observed many Indians lost in sin. Right in the car, he found himself weeping and praying for these Indians. Then the Lord started to reveal to him His plan about how He is going to use him to bless these people.

Receiving God’s vision in his heart, Pastor Yang started praying for the right person to join with him to work among the Indian community.

During this season, I was already in Singapore and praying to come under the right leadership so that I can reach my community, i.e. Telugu speaking Andhra people. For the first time, when I went to Cornerstone Community Church at Katong, Pastor Yang was speaking on Integrity. That message deeply touched my heart. I prayed to God to bring me under this man’s leadership.

Eventually, things happened as God planned. When I met Pastor Yang, he immediately gave me an offer to join with him in his mission to expand the Kingdom of God and to work among the Indian community. We strongly felt that this is God’s plan. We went ahead and established Cornerstone Telugu Fellowship in the month of April 2009 with less than 40 people. God has been faithful in all these years. He blessed our church and multiplied it tremendously.

Since then, we have seen amazing things in our community. Sinful lives changed, regular baptisms occurred, people committed themselves to live a true Christian life, hungered for God stirred up, disciples were made, continuous Bible study and all night prayers happened and numerous healing and wonders took place.

We give all praise and glory to our Heavenly Father who is the reason for all the good work that has been happening in and through our community.

If you are new to this country and able to speak Telugu or Hindi, we would love to serve you by unfolding God’s plan for your life.

Warm welcome to our fellowship which people who participated found it wonderful! Yes, we serve a wonderful God!

By HIS grace,

Pastor Nelson David and Mallika

History is a story written by the finger of God. - C S Lew