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Cell Groups

A Cell Group is a small group of 8-10 people which meets every week in different places of Singapore.

Our Cell Groups are modeled after the Biblical pattern of small groups found in Acts 2:42-47.

The early Church followers of Jesus Christ understood the need of gathering as a Church in small groups for care, support, encouragement, raising new disciples and training for the ministry. These small groups meetings, offered a place to form genuine relationships, and it has also provided easy entry places for the new believers. These also provide a non-threatening, comfortable place for those who were willing and seeking to know more about Jesus and His Church.

Cell Groups are the main vehicle to build relationships at our Church. And also the need for intimacy with God and the accountability can be met in our weekly, Cell Group environment.

Our Cell Groups are led by a Cell Group Leader who functions in a “Shepherd” or “Caretaker” role. Since no Pastor can care for the needs of every person in the church, these leaders work with the Pastor of the Cornerstone Telugu Congregation to make sure people’s needs are addressed. We also raise new Cell Group Leaders within the respective Cell Group and believe that healthy Cell Groups will reproduce themselves and plant new groups as well.

If you are interested do join in one of Cell Groups or we are ready to start a new one at your nearby places.

Our Cell Groups are at:

  • Jalan Papan
  • Jalan Terusan
  • Jurong West
  • Kianteck
  • Kranji
  • Lim Chu Kang
  • Pasir Ris
  • Penjuru
  • Sembawang
  • Toh Guan
  • Tuas 4, 5 and 6
  • Woodlands

For more details on the Cell Groups, please contact: Sekhar T – 91375652

This is, in essence, what a cell is: a group of people who have laid down their personal agendas to work together as a team. –Larry Stockstill